Payroll-linked Ecosystem

Paywallet is a payroll-linked payment and identity solution provider that clients can use to expand borrowing and purchasing power of their customers

About Paywallet

Paywallet is the only full life-cycle payroll-linked SaaS platform providing easy to integrate APIs to its clients for various lending use-cases. Paywallet places the borrower firmly and transparently in control of sharing their employment, financial records and identity data for credit decision-making. Lenders and other institutions can leverage Paywallet’s technology to verify employment and bank information and establish payroll-driven remittance instructions for their customers. This enables them to expand access more easily to those consumers who rely on their verified source of income as proof of their ability to pay.


Improve financial security through greater access to credit, affordable pricing and control in transactions between individuals and financial companies.


Develop journey-based solutions to improve transparency, approval and certainty of repayment for our clients and their target customers.

Paywallet transforms the way lenders improve payment certainty by enabling underwriting decisions based on accurate identity and employment data and payroll-linked repayment instructions

By linking Paywallet to their payroll your customers can

Access Payroll Early

Paywallet funds your customer's existing bank account at any institution 2-3 days earlier. No need to change established bank relationships.

Improve Borrowing Terms

With a repayment commitment linked to payroll, lenders can expand their reach to millions of new customers while improving terms to retain existing customers.

Ensure Timely Payments

Paywallet enables a frictionless direct payment from payroll, automating wage allotments and collections.

Transact With Merchants

Paywallet enables millions of individuals to participate in buy now pay later (BNPL) at point of sale (POS), bringing together borrowers, lenders and merchants.

Why Paywallet?

  • Expand credit matrix
  • Offer better terms to customers
  • Improve portfolio performance
  • Virtual Direct Deposit Collection account unique for customer
  • Wage allotment on customer payroll system directing payments to virtual account
  • Captures backup ACH pull authorization in case of payroll deduct failure
  • Enable multiple client collection authorizations with customer consent against a single wage allotment
  • Settlement with clients via ACH and associated controls
  • Provide customer level payment details and reconciliation reports to clients

    Paywallet LLC

    Paywallet is a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform that enables payroll based financial transactions

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      Paywallet LLC

      Paywallet is a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform that enables payroll based financial transactions

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