More than a payment tool

Paywallet provides proactive information to better manage credit risk. 

Know Where The Borrower Works



Know Where The Borrower Banks



Manage The Borrower’s Payments




Discover a new
Payroll-linked Ecosystem

Paywallet is a payroll-linked payment and identity solution provider that clients can use to expand borrowing and purchasing power of their customers.

Easy To Adopt
SAAS Architecture

Paywallet Enables Companies To Have A Single Integration Point For These Services. Offered as API’s, Companies Can Readily Access Many Services From Our Platform.

Single Source of Employment & Banking Services

Paywallet covers more than 80% of people employed In the US & Nearly 100% of US Bank Accounts. This is Achieved Through Both A Combination of Internal & 3rd Party Partnerships.

A Full Suite of
Repayment Capabilities

Paywallet Has A Broad Set of Repayment Capabilities For Companies To Offer Customers Including Direct From Payroll, ACH, Debit or Credit.

Enhanced With “Best Day To Collect” Algorithm, We Optimize Repayment Certainty By Understanding The Combination of Payroll Provider Deposit Timing & Bank Funds Availability Model.

Proactive Status

Paywallet Monitors Status Changes To Employment & Banking Information Which Can Be Used For Servicing Purposes.

Items Like Employment Status & Pay, Changes In Primary Bank Account Or Advance Awareness Of Repayment Can Be Triggered To You.


By linking Paywallet to their payroll your customers can


Access Payroll Early

Paywallet funds your customer's existing bank account at any institution 2-3 days earlier. No need to change established bank relationships.


Improve Borrowing Terms

With a repayment commitment linked to payroll, lenders can expand their reach to millions of new customers while improving terms to retain existing customers.


Ensure Timely Payments

Paywallet enables a frictionless direct payment from payroll, automating wage allotments and collections.


Transact With Merchants

Paywallet enables millions of individuals to participate in buy now pay later (BNPL) at point of sale (POS), bringing together borrowers, lenders and merchants.

A SaaS Software Platform Delivering These Key Benefits

Easy To Integrate & Adopt SAAS Architecture

A Single Source Information Provider With Broad Coverage

A Full Suite of Repayment Capabilities

Proactive Status Change Notifications